Mallory & Morgan | Louisville, Ky Engagement

They have been friends since middle school, became boyfriend and girlfriend in high school, and remained together through their college years while attending separate universities.  He at University of Louisville for Graphic Design and her at Western Kentucky University for Interior design.  Through these years and experiences their friendship and bond has become unbreakable, a great foundation for what is to come.  There is a peace and contentment between them, it didn't take long to feel as if I was photographing some longtime friends.

I love how Mallory smiles when she looks into his eyes--reminiscent of a school girl crush. Only to be matched by how Morgan is clearly so mesmerized not just by Mallory's beautiful features but the girl he was loved for so many years.

Our evening was blessed with beautiful light, a warm sunset, and great conversation...absolutely perfect in every way!

As I drove home all I could feel was so so lucky and blessed they were the lucky winners of our Instagram giveaway.  Mallory and Morgan I wish you every happiness! 

I want to express a warm thank you to Tera and Lauren of Couture Closet Boutique in La Grange, KY.  Meeting with them to plan and execute our giveaway was so incredibly fun, therapeutic, and easy to connect as small business owners and mamas to little ones.

I will add this another one of my cherished experiences...

Much Love and Appreciation, 



Bound Paper Reading | The Boys in the Boat

You guys this book! Seriously it was so so so SO good!  My sister-in-law first recommended this book this past summer.  I in turn brought it up in conversation with another friend who loves to read and mentioned it, she bought it read it--loved it and then I finally broke down and borrowed it from her--and I am so glad that I did!


This literary work of heart tells the story of the 1936 Berlin Olympics USA Rowing Team and their amazing personal journeys both in and out of the boat.  The story begins and takes place in Washington state at the height of the Great Depression. With this economic backdrop the author tells this story so vividly you can't help but think he somehow traveled back in time, witnessed these events unfolding and came back to write these boys here in present day. The relentless work ethic, and drive of each character aids in both their personal and team effort to achieve the American dream. 

I often found myself wondering where has this gone in our present day society? Do some of us still strive for something greater for ourselves, for our families, and for each other as we work for the satisfaction that we did it all on our own?  I know that despite the setbacks we face in life, these obstacles and challenges can be a real source of strength and motivation to keep going.

This book entertains with a romantic portrayal of sport, spirit, history and determination.  To read an excerpt of the book go here. Follow along on Instagram or leave a comment and share what you fall asleep reading at night.

Keep Reading,





Fitness First-Running in the Rain | Louisville Family Photographer

 Today I did something I've never done before. We packed up the kids and headed out in the light rain for some much needed fresh air and our first run/walk of the year. To say we are desperate for sunshine and to be outside is an understatement. 


I am not a runner by the traditional definition, I don't compete in races, I simply compete against myself and how I feel by the end of my run.  Last fall I decided it was time to set aside all of my excuses and reasons why my personal workout routine was non existent.  During college, exercising and taking different fitness classes was something I couldn't wait to incorporate into my life as formal athletics were not for an insecure and non competitive girl like me.  Before long I had found a way to be fit and enjoy myself in the process.

I never expected for this physical outlet to be a source of mental peace.  I would find myself zoned out, my body spinning on a bike or running on a treadmill while my mind processed all of my thoughts, ideas, worries, dreams and speculation of what was to be found in my future.  This almost daily routine became a big part of my life as it proved to be a source of balance in my busy student life.

As my body has changed, made room for, and created our 3 beautiful little sleep assassins, with each one it has taken longer to get back into a good workout groove.  This last pregnancy left me feeling depleted, depressed and physically unable to commit to anything worthy of exercise for a long, long time.  When your body takes nine moths off in order to exist physically and keep the older two alive I realized a harsh reality-- my first day back would be my worst day.

I am grateful for an encouraging husband that has loved me and my physical weaknesses.  He has endured my super slow trot in comparison to his stallion like form and running ease as he's a retired cross country runner.  To begin exercising again has been a trial of not just physical endurance but an opportunity to face my insecurities head on and move forward. 

I would love to report that by some fitness miracle all my left over baby sludge has disappeared. I have more to improve on, more strength to build. It's not about being thin or have a body to share via social media. You won't ever see that kind of a post--my body is mine. I want to be strong so that come what may in motherhood, I can find myself with clarity, peace and physical strength.  

So if you are reading this and feeling defeated and doubting if you could find your strength--it's completely possible. To all of you tired mamma's you will one of these nights start to get your sleep back and with it the confidence to begin. If you are a hustling lady boss entrepreneur growing her business, carve some time out for yourself. Your body mind and business will thrive--I promise! 

Don't be afraid to feel the struggle those first few days and weeks. Revel in the fact that your body can do hard things and let it propel you forward.  

Feel free to comment below and share your struggles as well as small but significant victories. 

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Bound Paper Reading | All the Light we Cannot See

Welcome to my new blog series- Bound Paper Reading!  Love love love to read and I feel like something big is missing in my life when I find myself without a book to read as part of my evening routine.  If I remember correctly this fascination with reading and how it transports me into another world started around 4th grade with series such as The Babysitter's Club and The Boxcar children--remember those? Looking back on it I wish I would have started keeping a reading log of all the books I have read, maybe by the time I am an old lady with long grayish white hair in a bun I will have read enough books to fill a Beauty and the Beast size library!  Wouldn't that be something....

Reading about the Second World War has been a fascination of mine since the 7th grade when my best friend and I read just about every book our middle school library had to offer on the genre.  So to begin my series I chose a book I have been so anxious to read for a few months now...

       All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

     All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

This beautifully written novel is unlike any other I have ever read.  The way the author describes the individual character's worlds around them in two unique ways and perspectives is fascinating once you understand what sets them apart.  As I began reading this novel I felt a familiar melancholy as I progressed from one chapter to another knowing very well that when your story is centered around the great war things never end perfectly.  I found myself deliberately reading slower than usual to savor this beautiful story, worried yet excited for what might transpire between the characters.  As I neared the last 10 chapters it was inevitable to devour the words as the story line's action and suspense gripped me in a way because I had to know what happened next. 

You will not regret reading this beautiful beautiful book and you may even find the story somewhat stays with you for sometime after reading.  I intend on reading this one again in a few months hoping now that I know how it ends I will read it even more slowly savoring each chapter prepared for how it ends. 

I hope you love reading as much as I do and if you have any suggestions for future reads please comment below!

Here is to my favorite pair of PJ's and favorite books...


P.S. to read and excerpt from the book visit 


Life as it Really Happens | February

Each month a group of talented and devoted mothers join me in documenting our lives and cementing these memories for our families with the use of our cameras.  If you have joined us before thank you!  If you are new Welcome as well! 

Our theme this month: Emotion

In looking for opportunities to document our life with small children and there were plenty of moments that would have qualified perfectly.  Between the frustration of learning to communicate, learning to play nicely, facing consequences for misbehaving, and an overwhelming feeling of frustration due to hunger and exhaustion its safe to say these are sometimes hourly occurrences.  At the end of each day I am amazed at the ability to love unconditionally that God has bestowed upon us as mothers, seriously how do we do it?

So for this challenge I am sharing some Silliness because when you are the baby in the house and you have the BEST belly laughs its guaranteed that you will be tickle attacked by an older brother or sister. 

I hope that despite the hard and tiring work of being a mother, you will find or better yet create some time with your kids to be silly and have fun to break up the intensity of it all.  Now head on over to Nicole's blog and see her emotion filled images!

Here is to being silly-- because laughter really is the best medicine!