July Finding Lifestyle Blog Circle | Adventure

I have been determined to have a wonderful summer with my kids this year and focus on mixing up the routine.  My personal mantra has been "Everyday is an Adventure!"  Whether playing with cousins, visiting our favorite park, or participating in local children's activities we have been deviating from the norm.  To end the summer in proper fashion, we ventured out west to Salt Lake City, Utah and Island Park, Idaho for our final shebang this year.  

There is this long standing tradition, a ritual of sorts, that involves the men in my husbands family which involves preparing for their fly fishing expedition.  In their eyes the cabin exists to fulfill one purpose: fly fishing, from sun up to sun down.  They were patient and kind enough to include us all this year for an abbreviated version of said expedition so the kids could experience what they love so much.  Idaho has so much natural beauty to offer and its obvious why the locals call it Gods Country.  It was tempting to photograph every stretch of mile this road trip had to offer but instead I found myself leaving my camera in my bag for the majority and just taking it all in.

It's always sad and melancholy when a vacation comes to an end, but we will have these memories forever.  I hope your summer was just as magical :) Much Love and Keep Playing, Alexandra