Bound Paper Reading | The Boys in the Boat

You guys this book! Seriously it was so so so SO good!  My sister-in-law first recommended this book this past summer.  I in turn brought it up in conversation with another friend who loves to read and mentioned it, she bought it read it--loved it and then I finally broke down and borrowed it from her--and I am so glad that I did!


This literary work of heart tells the story of the 1936 Berlin Olympics USA Rowing Team and their amazing personal journeys both in and out of the boat.  The story begins and takes place in Washington state at the height of the Great Depression. With this economic backdrop the author tells this story so vividly you can't help but think he somehow traveled back in time, witnessed these events unfolding and came back to write these boys here in present day. The relentless work ethic, and drive of each character aids in both their personal and team effort to achieve the American dream. 

I often found myself wondering where has this gone in our present day society? Do some of us still strive for something greater for ourselves, for our families, and for each other as we work for the satisfaction that we did it all on our own?  I know that despite the setbacks we face in life, these obstacles and challenges can be a real source of strength and motivation to keep going.

This book entertains with a romantic portrayal of sport, spirit, history and determination.  To read an excerpt of the book go here. Follow along on Instagram or leave a comment and share what you fall asleep reading at night.

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