April Finding Lifestyle Blog Circle | Routine

Welcome again to our second month in our blog series!  In case you missed our first post you can read it here.  I was so wonderful to feel such a sense of community with the lovely ladies of our group and to learn more about them and their everyday moments.  So this month we have been documenting bits of our daily routines, both morning and evening to push ourselves creatively and truly capture the things we do as families that seem so ordinary but are key moments in our lives.  

Since our oldest has begun elementary school, it is heartbreaking to hear the sound of the alarm in the morning.  I don't know that we have ever accepted that our day must start in the 6:00 hour. It must be muscle memory to go through the motions until the rest of our senses come to and we are truly awake.  Although my sweet boy is nearing the age of 7, its in these early hours of the day, he still resembles my sweet little boy with his blanket. Reluctantly starting his morning routine. 

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