Baby Emma | Newborn Lifestyle Photography

There is something so exciting about waiting for the arrival of a new baby, and as the days get closer and closer to that due date more and more family and friends join in anticipation of the grand announcement.  So after waiting and planning, daydreaming, and organizing everything in sight, the day comes and it truly is the best day of your life.  There is nothing more magical that finally meeting that sweet baby.  Somehow despite the exhaustion you somehow find the energy to hold that baby and just stare at their every feature for hours on end.  

I was so thrilled to get the chance to photograph this little bundle.  I've never seen a newborn that so closely resembles both her Mom and Dad so beautifully,  She is just precious! If this little wasn't enough of a treat, her nursery was clearly a work of love by mom and dad.  Every little detail was just perfectly adorable which even included a family heirloom.  Kelsey and Brighton be sure to enjoy her, the don't stay this little quite long enough!