Jacki | MHS Senior Girl

I find it amusing how as photographer's and clients alike we find each other and begin collaborating together to bring to light an idea, a vision of what we want captured.  When this senior girl approached me about photographing her, the first thing she mentioned as her primary source of inspiration and vision was, Pride and Prejudice.  I immediately sank into my chair thinking how on earth am I going to put together a photo shoot paying homage to the beloved Jane Austen.  I then started recalling images of my favorite film version with Keira Knightley and I started to swoon recalling the beautiful wide angle shots, and dreamy golden light.  Yes absolutely yes! This was a vision I wanted to bright to light.  

As Jacki and I began communicating, everything started falling into place one by one. The only obstacle....the weather.  We were set to shot the day before Thanksgiving and we were set to have our first cold spell in the region, NOOOO! It's just cold temperatures right?  Well let's just say it was cold, so cold by the end of the session we were all slurring our words a bit and in desperate need of some hot hot chocolate to thaw.  

Jacki was absolutely fun and easy going to work with, not to mention such a die hard for enduring the cold temperatures for almost 2 hours!  Her cohesive vision, great preparation and attention do detail, my job was easy in capturing such beautiful images of this great girl.  Now if only Mr. Darcy would have made an appearance, the afternoon would have been perfect.  I truly wish her the best college karma, and hope she will continue to find success and joy in her academics as well as theater productions.