Life As it Really Happens | Jan

Well hello there!  You have probably forgotten that I am still around these parts of the web, I've been hiding/meditating since last October understanding myself and what I want to do.  I'll elaborate more on this in another post in a couple of weeks as I'm still doing a bit of house keeping with my site. 

I am grateful for my group of talented, inspiring and so sweet, photographer friends whom you have been getting to know this past year as part of our Finding Lifestyle Blog Circle.  For 2016 we have updated our name to "Life as it Happens" to incorporate a more documentary as well as lifestyle artistic approach to our photography journeys and documenting our lives. 

This month we made the effort to get in the frame as a way to include ourselves in the stories we capture with our families each day.  I'll be honest I love the idea of being in front of the camera but then when it comes time to actually do it, well I get stage fright! Pathetic huh? 

I have one frame to share and it is of me and my littlest guy who is always game for a snuggle and a few giggles due to an overload of kisses.  I hope as the months come I will be able to feel more comfortable in front of the camera.  Thanks for reading and head over to Tami's blog!




Light Chaser, lifestyle photographer, watercolor hobbist, striving to find the sweet and funny moments in motherhood.  Pink and Red Starburst only!