Josh and David | MHS Senior Boys

Oh these two!  These handsome studs are my twin baby broskis and I love them to pieces! 

Fun fact: we share a birthday! No I'm not kidding and yes it's one of those strange universe occurrences that the three of us, along with our sweet mom will never totally understand.  Maybe we were supposed to be triplets and we spared our mom that pregnancy torture but my personal theory is that they are just plain and simple BIRTHDAY STEALERS.

It has been a unique experience to see them growing up as the oldest sister many times our personal experiences being so different because of our age difference yet somehow we have managed to grow closer and closer.  I know deep down I have been dreading this last milestone of their childhood-high school graduation.  It will be a huge adjustment to visit home and not have them there as the perfect play mates for my kids who adore them.  It will be a bitter sweet missionary send off as they prepare to serve God for 2 years--that will be hard, really hard, but two years goes by quick right? 

I am so proud of the young men they have grown to be.  They have completed their Eagle Scout requirements and we had a wonderful time as a family celebrating their achievements at their Eagle Scout Court of Honor.  It feel so incredibly lucky these two handsome goofballs are two of my very best friends in life.  I am going to wrap this up before I get teary if I let my mind wander and remember too much.  Not to mention I bet my sweet mama is reading this and is getting a bit choked up herself--love you mom.

All my love,