Life as it Really Happens | February

Each month a group of talented and devoted mothers join me in documenting our lives and cementing these memories for our families with the use of our cameras.  If you have joined us before thank you!  If you are new Welcome as well! 

Our theme this month: Emotion

In looking for opportunities to document our life with small children and there were plenty of moments that would have qualified perfectly.  Between the frustration of learning to communicate, learning to play nicely, facing consequences for misbehaving, and an overwhelming feeling of frustration due to hunger and exhaustion its safe to say these are sometimes hourly occurrences.  At the end of each day I am amazed at the ability to love unconditionally that God has bestowed upon us as mothers, seriously how do we do it?

So for this challenge I am sharing some Silliness because when you are the baby in the house and you have the BEST belly laughs its guaranteed that you will be tickle attacked by an older brother or sister. 

I hope that despite the hard and tiring work of being a mother, you will find or better yet create some time with your kids to be silly and have fun to break up the intensity of it all.  Now head on over to Nicole's blog and see her emotion filled images!

Here is to being silly-- because laughter really is the best medicine!