Lindsey | MHS Senior Girl

This post is long overdue yet in no way less important.  You see last fall as I was in a bit of a creative slump, life presented me with the wonderful opportunity to work with some graduating seniors.  We had been experiencing the most glorious fall season, the temperature was warm well into October and the foliage was so incredibly beautiful and vibrant and I was thrilled it would be the perfect backdrop for these sessions.

Meet Lindsey!

I was immediately so taken with her, not only does she poses this effortless natural beauty, she is sweet, down to earth, kind, incredibly smart and laid back.  As we talked it was fun to get to know her as well as her sweet sweet mom who joined us on her shoot.  I loved hearing about her high school experiences, her college application process and what she envisions for her near future.  It was fun to learn about her family, discuss books we've both read as well as our thoughts on the characters and endings, even Harry Potter ;)  I'm telling you this girl is the perfect embodiment of the perfect girl's girl--the kind of girl you wish you would have had as your best friend to navigate through high school.  The kind of sweet girl that I will pray my little girl finds as her friend as she grows older. 

I am happy to share that since we have worked together, she came to support my twin brothers at their Eagle Court of Honor as they are all friends.  She found me in the crowd of family and friends and it made my day to see her again and learn that she has been accepted to her first choice!!! Oh and guess what she wants to study? Forensic Science! She is one of the RADDEST girls I have met in a long time!  I hope to see her again at their high school graduation ceremony this May. 

So Lindsey this is for you! I hope your senior year ends with beautiful and fun experiences that will catapult you into this next season of you life.  A chapter that will be filled with independence, academic excitement, and freedom as you pursue what drives you intellectually.  College is a time to discover who you are and what you love most about yourself while strengthening your family ties and developing treasured friendships.  At first you were unsure if you wanted to have your senior portraits taken and I am so glad you did!  You can see for yourself that with the wonderful direction of your parents you have grown to be such a wonderful, smart, and beautiful young woman.  Don't let anyone else or the world convince you otherwise! 

I hope we will stay friends and I can't wait to hear all about your adventures.  I wish you every happiness to you and your family!

Much love and appreciation,