May Finding Lifestyle Blog Circle | Out & About

I hope you have been enjoying our monthly blog circle posts, I feel such a sense of friendship and community each month as we get to know each other more through our posts.  I find myself browsing through the blog circle a couple of times each month and enjoy how we each have different storytelling and photographic styles.  For this month we are featuring our adventures with our children as we were "Out and About." 

Well spring has finally found us and with it the overabundance of rainy days and chilly temperatures. We have yet to incorporate our favorite park into our afternoon routine, so instead we headed to our local library.  I always tell the kids to just pick a couple of books each, yet we still somehow manage to come home with close to 15-20 books every time! Even though this makes for a heavy library bag I always walk away with a happy little heart knowing my kids love to read just as much as I do.  This time I decided to skip the heavy carseat and let our littlest one walk around a bit and explore with me.  Well that quickly turned into the equivalent of herding kittens as soon as mom got the camera out to take a few pictures, go figure.  

In the end I am glad I made the effort to lug my camera AND the kids AND the books, its one of our favorite outings and now we have proof we had fun.  Please continue reading with Lorna Tyson's Post and take a peek at what her adventure was.