Mallory & Morgan | Louisville, Ky Engagement

They have been friends since middle school, became boyfriend and girlfriend in high school, and remained together through their college years while attending separate universities.  He at University of Louisville for Graphic Design and her at Western Kentucky University for Interior design.  Through these years and experiences their friendship and bond has become unbreakable, a great foundation for what is to come.  There is a peace and contentment between them, it didn't take long to feel as if I was photographing some longtime friends.

I love how Mallory smiles when she looks into his eyes--reminiscent of a school girl crush. Only to be matched by how Morgan is clearly so mesmerized not just by Mallory's beautiful features but the girl he was loved for so many years.

Our evening was blessed with beautiful light, a warm sunset, and great conversation...absolutely perfect in every way!

As I drove home all I could feel was so so lucky and blessed they were the lucky winners of our Instagram giveaway.  Mallory and Morgan I wish you every happiness! 

I want to express a warm thank you to Tera and Lauren of Couture Closet Boutique in La Grange, KY.  Meeting with them to plan and execute our giveaway was so incredibly fun, therapeutic, and easy to connect as small business owners and mamas to little ones.

I will add this another one of my cherished experiences...

Much Love and Appreciation,