March Finding Lifestyle Blog Circle | Things to Remember

I can't believe its March already, MARCH! I am so excited to introduce a new monthly blog series that will embrace and showcase a documentary and lifestyle approach to my everyday.  In January I participated in Brit Chandler's Finding Lifestyle Break Out via Clickin Moms.  It was exactly what I needed at the time and it has helped me realize that this genre we call "Lifestyle" is something I have been unknowingly doing for quite some time as I document our lives.  

I am really never ever in front of the camera- this needs to change I know. So instead of approaching another first birthday in tears, I decided to cement these memories for myself, things I never want to forget. That first year just flies by so fast, its cruel really.

Since participating, I have found an amazing group of talented photographers who will be participating with me in this blog circle.  Our goal is to intentionally document our lives and share a glimpse of that with you each month.I hope you will take the time to visit their work and hopefully feel inspired to pick up your camera and document the details that make up your story.  Thanks again for reading...



Next be sure to check out Dawn Goatley and her work here.


Light Chaser, lifestyle photographer, watercolor hobbist, striving to find the sweet and funny moments in motherhood.  Pink and Red Starburst only!