November Finding Lifestyle Blog Circle | Orange

This has been the best fall season in a few years my friends! As I am typing this its currently sixty six degrees and glorious!  I could live like this forever really.  Hopefully we will have such an extended fall-- an indian summer really that when winter comes it will be short and bearable.  It has been a fun month filled with the traditional visit to our local pumpkin farm, pumpkin carving, canning homemade applesauce, and Trick or Treating on Halloween night, all while enjoying the beautiful fall colors.  

To say that I am in denial that its November already is a huge understatement and I warned my husband that I may just break down crying because this year has just evaporated entirely!  As photographer's this is our busy season but we have come together again to bring your our latest installment of your monthly blog circle.  I hope you will take the time to join my other lovely friends and take a peak at their fall adventures with our focus this month being the color Orange.  I hope wherever you are you have an abundance of fall colors to enjoy!  

So in closing I think I should just switch to landscape photography--haha its so easy to get wrapped up in photographing all of this beautiful beauty outdoors.  Here is to the beginning of a wonderful holiday season!  

Much Love,