October Finding Lifestyle Blog Circle | Motion

Ok so I know its somewhat of a running theme with me that every month this photography challenge rolls around I am shocked that another month has gone by but this time I am really starting to panic... it's OCTOBER!!!!! I am panicking because winter is inevitable (I live in the wrong part of the world) and we are loosing so much amazing daylight and fast!  I'll stop moping and just get to it already....

Welcome again friends to another monthly installment of our Lifestyle Blog Circle, this month our challenge was to capture motion or movement as part of our everyday with our families.  I knew immediately that I wanted to capture what I felt was the biggest accomplishment for our family this summer--my son learning to ride his bike without training wheels!  I know I've touched on this on Instagram but this truly deserves its own post.  

In reality this learned skill has been 2 summers in the making, we tried last year and he just wasn't ready.  As I watched him struggle to keep his balance and speed constant I noticed something so important was missing--CONFIDENCE.  He was unable to muster up enough confidence leaving him thinking and feeling he was never going to achieve his goal.  He was getting frustrated, my husband and I were frustrated, even little sister was telling him "believe in yourself!"  

So one ridiculously hot and humid afternoon I finally decided that it was the day to make this happen, no amount of whining and storming off after each failed attempt would keep him from succeeding.  I put on my favorite and very pink Nike Free's to keep up with him, while the kids clipped on their helmets and headed out for the street.  After a couple of short lived wobbly attempts I finally grabbed the handle bars, looked right into his dreamy blue eyes and told him "You can do this!  How do you think Elliott was able to save E.T. from the bad guys?  By riding his bike like and pedaling like crazy!" 

Don't ask me why of all the motivational speeches I could have given that was the one but it worked! A few seconds later he was pedaling is little heart out, making sure to keep his balance and he was doing it--he was riding his bike without training wheels!  Little sister and brother were clapping while I was yelling and screaming, jumping up and down like a lunatic!  I'm sure my neighbors were probably peeking through their blinds wondering what was happening but I didn't care! It was the most beautiful and emotionally fulfilling moment as a mother in a long time!  Now there is no stopping him.  I would love to know what he imagines every time he gets on his "motorcycle" as he calls it.

I feel like many times as mothers we find ourselves living in a space between guilt, frustration and sadness that our expectations of motherhood are not met.  Because let's he honest ladies, being a mom is less than idyllic most days as the laundry, dishes, and dinners are in constant rotation while every child has their own idea of how fun the day should be.  So I encourage all of us to look past the mundane and find these moments with our children.  Moments that are emotionally fulfilling because we stepped away from the routine and our small business aspirations and we are one hundred percent living in the moment with them--fully immersed in what is happening. 

If you have stuck with me through this entire post--thank you! Seriously I was not planning on pouring my heart out at five am!  I can't wait for you to continue on and read through what the other wonderful ladies have prepared.  Please head on over to  Lorna Tyson's blog and take a peek at the way she interpreted out theme.

Much Love,