Waiting for Spring | Louisville, Ky Children Photographer

Is it here yet?  Please say yes (and no I am not consulting the groundhog) you know how I feel about that.  Time for some perma-sunshine, you know the kind that entails gardening, bike rides, running, sidewalk chalk and some outdoor photo shoots.  Ironically enough March started out so bleak with this constant back and forth of rain and snow, bleh.  The kids have been exceptional considering the cabin fever was starting to get to us all, prompting us to get pretty creative with our indoor activities.  I proudly claim I'm a one month of winter kind of girl, the rest can be a variety of spring thru fall weather minus the anxiety inducing tornado weather.

I decided to dust of the camera and have a little fun while watching the kiddos play.  I love the patience and anticipation my Little Man expressed while looking out the window.  Or maybe he is just like his mamma and just can't wait for some sun so he can explore outside and feel free.

I am excited for some new family adventures and projects here in the next few weeks as the weather warms up and the sun sets later.  Until then I will try and wait patiently for longer sunnier days...