Wordy Wednesdays | Bloom

So finally yesterday my little girl screams with delight, "Mommy our Sunflowers bloomed!" I looked out and there are two small yet beautiful Sunflowers blooming in our box.  Vibrant yellow petals set against the grey backdrop of a rainy day, there to remind me that it is never too late to bloom.  

Don't give up the hope that your efforts with yourself,  in your home, with your family, and your creative endeavors will one day surprise you and grow into something so beautiful.  Plant your seeds today, make the decision to start and do something small but significant to grow your life's beautiful moments and opportunities.   You can do this! Let's continue to celebrate each other while at the same time making small but significant efforts to grow and bloom in our lives.  We are all do different and our individual seasons for growth and progress may come at different times--and that in reality will be the very best time to bloom!

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Much Love,