Wordy Wednesdays | Do Something!

If you follow me on Instagram (@heirloombyas) you say my introduction to what will be an inspirational, thoughtful, and funny weekly quote to continue to inspire myself along with others who might need a swift yet loving kick in the pants.  I am an introverted extrovert, a total oxymoron, I know, but its true I am a very reserved person who feels comfortable watching from the last row of the crowd.  This will give me a chance to talk about the real and most of the time not so glamorous aspects of pursuing my dreams.

Since I started this artistic journey 4 years ago I have found myself feeling just about every emotion humanly possible while balancing our family life, my artistic passion, and a small (tiny really) business.  There have been countless days filled with frustration and disappointment along with pure joy as I have forged my own path.  So why do I tell you this?  The girl who analyzes every possible aspect before making a decision?  Because you can't start something, anything for that matter without forcing yourself out of your comfort zone.  Mostly because these will be words to encourage myself everyday in my own imperfect way, and through these small but significant quotes and musings I will do at least one thing everyday to work towards my goals--photo related or not.

o whoever you are out there reading this.  Start today! It can be anything.  Do something, one thing even that will make a difference toward feeling accomplished.  Whether its finally putting on your power music and exercising, organizing your photos so you can make that book, getting the ol' sewing machine out, or even jotting down your creative entrepreneur ideas on paper--Do it!  Create your own success!

You can do this!