Wordy Wednesdays | Exercise

I hope you're laughing with me on this one!  While I love to exercise, let me clarify before you hate my guts or think I'm some super disciplined girl when it comes to working out...  I love the feeling of accomplishment, exhaustion, and mental victory after I have completed a workout.  There is satisfaction in realizing you can do hard things--both physically and mentally.  To be completely honest I used to be consistent when it came to getting my workouts in but since baby #3 arrived almost 18 months ago it's been almost impossible to make it happen when there are a bazillion other things that have to happen.   


But when I'm at my local delicious burger joint (Five Guys I know I need to come and say hello again) its IMPOSSIBLE for me not to get a side of fries! I love perfectly cooked and evenly salted and lightly peppered french fries, they are my side dish weakness.  I would even pair them with a delicious salad or a shake or fried chicken, or fried eggs... well you get the point.  They really are the perfect salty pairing (sigh).  Except that one time my husband and I were served french fries with EVERY dish we ordered while on our honeymoon by the same depressed french waiter, and they were so overcooked they were hollow, but that is a story for another day. 

So there you have it, an entire blog post with me declaring my love for french fries! I hope for today you can give yourself a little grace and give your crazy obsessive inventive creative mind a break and think about some of your favorite things.  By no means am I justifying eating large quantities of unhealthy food but it's ok to openly declare your love for your can't live without foods.  Embrace it, we all have our weaknesses!  I encourage you to laugh a little--heck laugh a lot loosen up for a bit. Tomorrow is another day to be conquered and continue "Keepin' On" with your small business goals.  

Let's Celebrate Each Other (and my french fries) !

Much Love,