Wordy Wednesdays | Instinct

Is it possible not to love Miss Emma Watson?  Seriously, just.love.her!  We first met her as the perfect embodiment of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies.  To say that I love the books and films is a bit of an understatement and I'll just leave it at that for now.  In the years following she has become a wonderful example of what every modern girl should emulate, a girl with: class, intellect, both inner and outer beauty, as well as an unwavering confidence in a word filled with so many distractions and confusion of what is right and wrong.  I am grateful that she shares her wisdom and unapologetic wisdom and honesty with the world when she expresses herself publicly, as her wise words inspired my thoughts today.

 So for today, let us focus on what we know to be true within ourselves, even if it's sometimes buried deep deep down.  Let us stop doing things to please others, it won't bring happiness just more discontent.  The world needs more women of class, integrity, and self assurance to be an example for those who are trying to find their own voice.  Run your business the way YOU WANT  and YOU FEEL is best.  It's after all your business, your creative outlet, your goals.  No one else can do it quite like you can, and after all your approach is the absolute best.  Let's continue to celebrate each other with our talents and dreams.  Please don't hesitate to comment below on follow along on Instagram (@heirloombyas) and let's continue this conversation!

Much Love,