Wordy Wednesdays | Patience

As someone that is a list maker and enjoys for everything to not just have its place but be in its place, its hard to accept when my preconcieved plan does not go according to plan.  I am both a dreamer and a planner.  The dreamer in me envisions how things will take place, beautifully and artistically while the planner in me logically approaches anything new with a plan.  When I started this new Instagram and blog post series, I had planned a different post with a totally different quote to motivate myself and everyone else.  I was pretty proud of myself for having a plan and almost executing it.  I say almost because the last few days have been filled with challenges, frustration, worry and trepidation as I have been forced to slow down and accept that I am not always in control.  

tinks doesn't it? There is safety to be found in a plan, knowing what to anticipate next, knowing that you will be successful in accomplishing your goals without much adversity.  In times like this I can call my best friend (she is also growing her small business) and laugh at the daily challenges that come with fulfilling so many roles: wife, mom, artist, business owner... and she will lovingly but realistically remind me that I am not in control and that its ok. 

So if you find yourself feeling the same way because things just don't seem to go your way lately, don't give up!  Take the time to slow down and find peace and the patience to slow down and regroup.  All is not lost, these are opportunities to grow.  They say patience is a virtue..

Much Love,