Wordy Wednesdays | Stay Humble

When first starting this venture I thought I have this talent and I am going to be this amazing photographer and I will serve just about everyone with my passion and art.  Don't get me wrong I am not a very confident person by nature, this was more ambition talking than anything else--a hunger to want to learn it all; to create every image on my Pinterest feed.  These last couple of months I have reached this level of comfort and realization that I am surrounded by so many that share this same passion; and for the first time I feel confident, happy, and calm admitting this. 

I am not a world renowned photographer, I don't have a huge client base that I can't keep up with just to name couple of things.  But what I do have is enough for now and it makes me happy.  I have the love and support of my amazing husband.  My kids somehow understand this obsession and it doesn't bother them.  I have a group of wonderful ladies who love photography just as much as I do and every month entertain our blog circle prompts and posts.  I am making friends and meaningful connections with other small business creatives and it enriches my creative life.  I have a camera that I love and with it I can see every day that my style, art, and technique improves and it makes me giddy when I edit.  I am refining my approach and creative style which means I no longer feel the need to create every type of image--I just don't and its ok.

So to bring my musings full circle, I am learning that being humble can bring peace and confidence, that working hard is always a must, and that most importantly being kind is invaluable.  I believe in Karma and that it's a powerful force which can bring goodness into our lives and in the lives of others.  

hether you are a fellow photog, a florist, a cute bow maker, an exercise enthusiast, an amazing graphic designer, or an amazing calligrapher...just know that your work does matter, and that with your ability to reach out to others you will grow not only your talent and light but someone else's as well.  

Let's Celebrate Each Other!

Much Love,