August Finding Lifestyle Blog Circle | Day in the Life

When we decided on this months theme of "Day in the Life " I thought it would be pretty easy to just pick up my camera and click away the shutter and voila, a series of idilic photos would result. Ha! Yeah right!  In the last few days we have visited an urgent care due to a cheese slicer injury, taken 2 kids to the pediatrician (on 2 separate days) for antibiotics due to unresolved sinus infections, gone grocery shopping, our kitchen sink has been out of commission....all while trying to maintain some sort of normalcy and structure to mitigate tired and grumpy kids. 

Ready to take his sandals off at Costco to let me know he was done and ready to go home. 

So when your kitchen sink just stops draining it creates this domino effect on every countertop surface and table.  I am so grateful when all of my kitchen appliances work properly and it keeps the chaos under control.  My husband is my superhero for again finding a way to fix the sink and in the process saving us money and my sanity!

I was so impressed he came home and just got right to doing his homework without playing first or asking for a snack.

Crashing on my bed and just watching the ceiling fan rotate has become a therapeutic ritual to end the day.

Thank you for joining us again this month for our monthly challenge to document our lives with a lifestyle photography approach. I apologize for the disconnect in my story this month, its been a crazy few days around here.  Please head over to Dawn Goatley's blog and read all about her day--I'm sure it was much more pleasant than mine :)

Here is to better days,